Suva to Ovalau Levuka

My Northern air, 8 seats, 12′ fly from Ovalau tu Suva

How it is fly on a 8 seats plane? Today I finally knew how it feels and was a great experience! My 12 minutes journey from Ovalau to Suva airport was one memory to keep in a special folder, not only because it save me almost 5 hours travelling and the need to wake up at 4.30am for only 25€ extra!

The short but very intense journey was from 2 islands and we flew on very low altitude so we had a great view of the fantastic sea and the corals!

If only my new fake Samsung chinese phone cktel c9500 could make better pictures and videos..but the quality is what it is, sorry!

Thanks Northern air that sell the flight for only 85 Fijian $ and the great taxi driver Mun, who took me from Levuka to Ovalau airport, almost 30′ on a mostly gravel road for only 10$, while having great conversation!

Thank you Captain Jayresh, a young and very well-mannered pilot! Next time I hope to seat next to you!

Thanks Herbalife! (it’s an inside joke only for adepts) sea view from fiji 8 seat

Thanks also Patterson brothers that make the journey from Suva to Levuka on a very uncomfortable bus and a much better boat with a great name (Spirit of Harmony) for 35 F$ and thanks Global warming for yesterday heavy rain that cause to cancel yesterday service and worried me enough to opt for the fly!

Thank you Rolando Monteiro, my crazy travel companion!

Thank you Jan, Joanna, New Mavidia staff, German couple and all the others I met in Ovalau!

By the way Levuka and Ovalau are great places!

(Now I wish I was a famous blogger and next time I go to the airline and ask for a free flight in change of an enthusiastic review!)

The videos: take off

During the flight: amazing coral sea view: Fiji sea view from 8 seats flight