Not that I recommend you to be a vegetarian or a vegan, but in case you are, you can’t have a more delicious dish than the “Goya Masterpiece” I have just created and eated like there is no Tomorrow.

It’a rice salad with Miyako homegrown goya and carrots cooked in soy sauce, lettuce, Okinawan Umibudo (sea grapes), goma (sesame seeds), Shiso (Japanese basil) american raisins, Taiwanese peanutes, and of course Italian Extra-virgin olive oil.

The result was an assault to your senses. Every sample taste different but all great. I am aware this may be very difficult to replicate at home, not only because you are not Chef Phony Gustavo, but because goya and umibudo are quiet rare outside Okinawan islands, but trust me. This is way better than “the 3rd of May” or “la maya desnuda”. This is goya masterpiece.