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Miyako stir-fried Goya galore, ごや

image Goya, or bitter melon, is one of the staple food of the legendary Okinawa diet.

Its taste is quite bitter and many western people doesn’t like it, even when fried. The most popular dish with Goya is Goya champuru, with tofu and pork. Today I asked Chef Phony Gustavo to use all his creativity and come up with something different.

So, he stir fried one goya with another bitter vegetable: one aubergine (or berenjena or melanzana), to whom he added a sppon of salt and one of sugar to remove bitterness. He then added a quarter of onion and put everything in the pan with olive oil and soya sauce. After 10 minutes at average flame, he added 2 eggs in the mix and the final touch is some local frsh coriander gave to him by a guest house mate.

The result was surprisely good. It surely help being a sweetheart, but the bitternerss of the dished was not at all disturbing. Something to repeat for sure.


Miyako countryside, 田舎


Otōri with Awamorì, オトーリ

  1. mariella

    a vederlo è proprio un piatto da chef,poi il piatto con disegni blu completa l’opera
    mi sa che era anche buono!


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