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My Yoga TTC experience

Overall I was satisfied with my teacher training, that I found corresponding my expectations.
The course prepare very well to practise and teach all the major asanas, and actually many more, with great attention to alignment, gradual and progressive effort related to different physical abilities and how to avoid short and long-term injuries. This is in my opinion the most important thing when you teach yoga to beginners and it was addressed very well.

I am also fully happy with the attitude of our teacher Bharat and his staff, that proved to be not only physically very well prepared, but also a serious student of yoga science, with purity of mind, open heart, severe enough to keep control of the group, but also attentive to the individual need of the students.

The pranayama part was also very well done. We did simple techniques and in limited time, but everything was well explained and the energy in the class during this practices was always very good.

I particularly enjoyed the chanting in the first week, but over time it became too repetitive. I felt i was not alone in this, so maybe there is space for introduce more chanting or cut sessions and do more meditations…

However this course did not do enough for me beyond the awakening of the physical body. The philosophy and anatomy classes were confusing. The information s gave to us did appeared too abstract to me and not systematic, without trying to fit into the asanas program.

There was in the last week too much stress on advanced physical asanas and not sufficient focus on goes deeper in the understanding of the subtle energies that works beyond the body. With the endless requests of “contract the abdomen” during asana practices, why don’t dedicate a class to explain well how to do uddiyana bandha?

In all honesty I felt I have added very little to my previous knowledge in this regards. As a result in the last week I am experiencing a “rejection phase”, like when you retain your breath too much in pranayama and are not ready, because I feel like overstressed my body without engaging my mind.

Looking at the big picture, at this level this is secondary, so I still believe this teacher training was a great experience and I am only thankful for what I have received and learned.

But it truly concern me in the case I would like to keep studying with this school. I am not a fan of ashtanga-vinyasa practicse and in Mysore I see too many great athletes with big egos and very low spiritual awareness. Not what I am looking for in my yoga journey.


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  1. Cloudio,
    it must have been really great if you only complained half article!

    So you’re looking for spiritual aware people.
    I’m interested in them too. Where do they meet? Where do they hang out?

    Let’s discuss

    • Where’d all the good people go?

      I’ve been changing channels,
      I don’t see them
      On the T.V. shows

      Where’d all the good people go?
      We’ve got heaps and heaps
      Of what we sow

  2. Marcorusti

    ciao Claudio,
    Of course there is always something that can be improved but it’s only a 200 hrs course. Contentment ( santosha ) is compulsory then..
    regarding Ashtanga Vinyasa in Mysore, and everywhere around the world, in my opinion it’s very important to keep always in mind what we repeat at the end of the practice with the Mangala Mantra: the practice is not for our ego but for the happiness of the whole world.
    all the best


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