Taupo lake waves

On a windy day, Taupo lake has so many big waves, it looks like the Ocean

I am in Rotorua which is a really unique place, after a rough night in Urban hostel in Taupo, one of this stupid party hostel where you cannot bring your own alcohol because they have a bar and all they want is make people drunk and they put a very loud music like in the discos in the 80s… Even worst on my dorm I was woke up at 2.15 by an old woman with one of the loudest snoring I have ever heard.

But like the singer and poet Fabrizio de Andrè, once said

dal letame nascono i fiori

Out of dung, the flowers do grow” and after I woke up super grumpy, I put my ear plugs and managed to sleep until sunrise, when the 3 other people left my dorm and I was finally alone and free to contemplate the art on my bunk bed above me, the same occupied by the old snoring woman.

I copied this gem of wisdom that were written in the wooden planks, who were very inspiring in my morning meditation

  • Canada! Go visit in summer
  • Go to church – Kay thinks
  • Danish girls (suck) rcocks
  • Lelani Annie Masters has no friends on Facebook
  • Bloody Germans! Argh!!!
  • Wake me up when its all over
  • Is it wrong to be strong?
  • 1st rules) never shit on the beach
  • 2nd rules) never listen your body!
  • 3rd rules) when you have a beer, hug it!