I feel really lucky I have travelled so much. And I did some really special trips. Like, for instance:

– Swom all the Amazon river upstream
– Trekked the Everest until the summit in 13-inch high heels sandals
– Dive until the Mariana Trench bottom in apnea with a rose in my teeth
– Did the Transiberian railway walking an all fours
– Shaked hands with all Chinese people on Earth
– Circumnavigated the Pacific Ocean on a city bike
– Went to the moon with my 50cc scooter, with a stopover on Mars
– Flight in all mosquitos circles and bite 3 trillions of them
– Raised 1 million dollars begging in african slums
– Sold 1 ton of iced snow in Greenland

Apart this, nothing special.
But in 2012 I want to do something different.
Please give me ideas!