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Why I bought a new camera

My new Canon IXY 600F, or Ixus 230 HS

Few days ago I bought a new camera after I didn’t own a proper one for almost 18 months, since I forgot mine (a Canon Ixus 95 that I purchased in Beijing on May 2007 in a friend’s car the day before leaving Miami, December 3rd, 2010.

I never asked her to send me the camera to Nicaragua or Colombia, not just because there were good chances it was never delivered, unless paid huge money on a private courier, and for the economical value of the camera it was not worthy, but also because I was tired of taking pictures mechanically of every place I was travel, like a stupid tourist.

I always liked taking pictures, but like everything that become a routine, I just felt the need to put this in discussion and I took the chances of not having a camera a way to regain more freedom in my travel. I still had an i-phone, then i-pod and then a Acer smart phone to take an “emergency” picture, but as far as daily life, I was happy not worrying about it.

So, why I finally decided to buy a new one? I can easily “put the blame” on this blog. In fact I am enjoying working on this blog, I realized I have a renewed passion for taking pictures and the ones I can take with my Acer smart phone, (as you can see in the pictures I have published :P) simply will not make it.

I toyed for a while with the idea that maybe it was finally time to buy a real camera and not just a “point & click” or “entry-level” model. But I decide to stick in what I know for 2 reasons:
1) Money
2) The technology has evolved so rapidly in the last years that a picture with you can take with this type of cameras is most of the time good enough.

So the new one a Canon Ixy 600F, which in Europe has been renamed Ixus 230 HS. It’s the 3rd Ixus camera I buy and every times it’s just get better.

I bought the Camera on and paid 140€, while in Italy it is sold at 180€ so I got a 20% savings. This camera had raving reviews all over the net and I knew it was not because of a good marketing campaign.

It is less than 10 days I am using the new camera and still I have to untap most of his potential.
I took some pictures at the Miyako botanical gardens ..then at the stunning beautiful Higashi-Hennazaki cape.
But I can already say I am very happy with my purchasing. Long live Ixus Canon!


Shopping a Pechino


Miyako botanical garden, 植物園

  1. dabesa

    I also had 3 Ixus camera and I agree that they are great compact cameras for traveling.
    But I think the construction quality went down: the latest one after 3 months of traveling is melting down 🙂

  2. Daniele unfortuanately you were a good prophet and my ixy 600 lasted less than 2 years 🙁

    I also must admit this camera (and looks like all new models) are not as good as the old ones when you set “auto”, the pictures are too often in dark light.

    Anyway I’ll let you choose and buy my new camera as soon as you will land in Thailand 🙂


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