Do you really need a camera?

It is dawn and you are in Angkor Wat, watching the sun rising and lightning the temples. You are contemplating the marvels of nature and mankind, while everyone is fighting for the best spot and taking the same picture or video, like they are delivering a scoop for tomorrow newspaper.

You are hypnotized by the subtle color changing of the facades of the buildings, while your companions, fulfilled the duty of their click, are already moving to catch the next object.

Since I have lost my camera one year ago, I haven’t replaced it yet. In some occasions I reckon I have really missed it, but most of the times I realized that without the obsession of produce my digital memory, I could focus way better on just enjoying the place and the folks around me.

When you start travelling it feels essential to build your own collection of memorabilia. It is also funny, no doubts. Moreover the technological lenses helps you to find details you may miss with your limited vision.

But do you really always need your own picture, when most of the times you can just download a better one in Google? Do you really need to spend your nights revising the photos you took during the day, instead of just let your own devices to the job?

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