Is Seychelles the most over rated tourism destination in the world?
mahe seychelles panorama

Mahe, Seychelles typical day in dry season

After I have spent two months in Seychelles and even recognizing my judgement is surely influenced by the nightmarish work experience I had in the slavery factory known as Constance Ephelia (ep hell ia) Resort , I believe this is the most over rated country of the 80 I have visited so far.

Some fact support my point beyond any bias:

  1. You won’t find many Tour operators honest like Hoteplan when in their italian catalogue they write :La qualità degli hotel alle Seychelles in generale non gode di un’ottima reputazione. In effetti, nonostante i continui e numerosi progressi, il rapporto qualità/prezzo a nostro avviso non è ancora corretto.

    “Quality of hotel services has not good reputation. In facts, despite continuous progresses, the quality/price relation is yet inadequate”

A diplomatic way to tell you service sucks. It really sucks! And it can’t be other ways, when locals are the laziest and irrespefctul people you can meet, protected by local laws in such a way that foreigner can see easily the revocation of their work permit, if some seychellois decide so for any futile reason.

You hear everywhere in tropical countries that local people are lazy, you have to watch dog them , etc.. Sure you can’t expect the work ethic of Scandinavian people. But Seychellois have none of the smiling and friendly attitude of latin people or the positive silence vibe emanating from South East Asian cultures. Even among themselves they don’t greet each other, they are overly sensitive, and on top of that they are hyper protected by local laws, so to make sure no one teach them how social and work relation standards in

  1. Even in the driest month (July) Seychelles receive on average 150mm of rain.

In two of the driest month, I very rarely saw blue skies. And when it doesn’t rain it’s always very humid and hard to walk around. Definitely not the best climate in the world.

Constance Ephelia accomodation

staff accomodation in Ephelia for assistant manager

  1. In the main island of Mahe, where the large part of tourists go, there is nothing really unique: no wow beaches, no unbelievable nature, nothing. There are other very expensive countries, but here you will not find the corals of Maldives or Polynesia, nor the unique preserved mountains and culture of Bhutan

So people sucks, some beaches are nice but not specials (at least in Mahe), nature is wild but you don’t really feel it, you can find better places for a fraction of the why they are so hyped?

It’s all about money and status. Seychelles will keep being pushed by Tour Operators that can make huge profits, people who have been there will keep show their status and with most of the tourists that go there on their honeymoon and are usually little travelled or has no experience of luxury resorts, you will hear few complain of their stay.

I wish I have more patience to argue and debate, but every time I try to elaborate I feel overpowered but the nausea of my time there. Enough is enough, it is time to move on for me. If only one person will read this post and will decide to save big bucks and go elsewhere, then my rant will be worth it anyway.

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