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Thailandia income and outcome report

Sunset in Ko Phangan

Sunset in Ko Phangan

This is just a demo version of my travel expenses report of 15 days travelling in Thailand. More details tomorrow, but this teaser was necessary to satisfy “the pupil” needs.

To track all my expenses, starting April 9th, I used the android app “expense manager”.
The app is good, it does everything I need, like filing expenses by category, day, charts, export datas.

WHEN AND WHERE: 3-17 April 2014.
Khon Kaen (2n) – Pak Chong (Kao Yai Park, 2n) – Bangkok (2n) – Prachuap Kiri Khan (5n) – Chumpon (2n) – Ko Phangan (2n) 15 days

TOTAL EXPENSES: 17.297 baht (excluding cell phone 4600) 12.697 baht or 288.5€
Average 846.5 baht per day or 19.2€ (rate 1€=44baht)

Expenses breakdown
Accomodation: Tot 3.960b, 90€ (max 500b, 11€- min 200b 4,5€ -average 264b 6€)
Food: Tot. 2.566b, 58,3€ avg 171b, 3,88€
Travel: Tot. 1.851b, 42€ – avg 123b, 2.8€
Entertainment: Tot 1.600b, 36€ – avg 106b, 2,4€. 2 National Parks
Utilities: Tot 1.030b, 23.4€ – avg 68.6b, 1.5€ 700 baht on mobile credit 8600 for data plan) and 330 for electronic gadgedts (computer fan cooler 180b and earphones 150b)
Health care: Tot. 330b, 7.5€ – avg 22b, 0,5€ (including 200baht for 1 thai massage, which could be filed as entertainment too)
Taxes: Tot. 1.160b (500baht avg cost of 2months visa, 2.000 baht x 15 days + 660 in Atm commissions) avg 77.3
Personal extras: Mobile phone with SD card 4600b (104,5€)

Income: 0

personal 28% – accomodation 23% – food 15% – travel 11% – Entertainment 9% – Tax 7% – Utilities 6% – Healthcare 2%
(excluding the mobile phone, every voice increment 4%)


This time frame is probably the worst time of the year to come to Thailand, because it is hot season (more need for air-con than usually) and especially because Songkran, Thailand New year and busiest time of the year for travelling. This is the reason why I decided to stay 5 night in Prachuap Kiri Khan, off the beat track and honestly not a remarkable, altough not ugly, place.

Where I should save: I spent too much money a
Start earning some money, of course!

Where I can budget more:


Vivere e viaggiare come un thailandese


Ko Phangan, mi casa, tu casa

  1. Hey coach,

    Who’s the POTF? (Pupil of the Month)
    I was about to suggest you the app Waller ( It tracks also recurring expenses, in case you have any!

    Also, your expense reports would be much better if you would create tables.
    But to do that, you must accept my offer for FREE hosting and buy your domain.

    • expense manager track recurring too, but i will try wallet and others, for the sake of it
      i accept your offer, please buy the domain, i will discount the monthly iusprimepapis


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