Why I bought a new camera

My new Canon IXY 600F, or Ixus 230 HS

Few days ago I bought a new camera after I didn’t own a proper one for almost 18 months, since I forgot mine (a Canon Ixus 95 that I purchased in Beijing on May 2007 in a friend’s car the day before leaving Miami, December 3rd, 2010.

I never asked her to send me the camera to Nicaragua or Colombia, not just because there were good chances it was never delivered, unless paid huge money on a private courier, and for the economical value of the camera it was not worthy, but also because I was tired of taking pictures mechanically of every place I was travel, like a stupid tourist.

I always liked taking pictures, but like everything that become a routine, I just felt the need to put this in discussion and I took the chances of not having a camera a way to regain more freedom in my travel. I still had an i-phone, then i-pod and then a Acer smart phone to take an “emergency” picture, but as far as daily life, I was happy not worrying about it.

So, why I finally decided to buy a new one? I can easily “put the blame” on this blog. In fact I am enjoying working on this blog, I realized I have a renewed passion for taking pictures and the ones I can take with my Acer smart phone, (as you can see in the pictures I have published :P) simply will not make it.

I toyed for a while with the idea that maybe it was finally time to buy a real camera and not just a “point & click” or “entry-level” model. But I decide to stick in what I know for 2 reasons:
1) Money
2) The technology has evolved so rapidly in the last years that a picture with you can take with this type of cameras is most of the time good enough.

So the new one a Canon Ixy 600F, which in Europe has been renamed Ixus 230 HS. It’s the 3rd Ixus camera I buy and every times it’s just get better.

I bought the Camera on Amazon.jp and paid 140€, while in Italy it is sold at 180€ so I got a 20% savings. This camera had raving reviews all over the net and I knew it was not because of a good marketing campaign.

It is less than 10 days I am using the new camera and still I have to untap most of his potential.
I took some pictures at the Miyako botanical gardens ..then at the stunning beautiful Higashi-Hennazaki cape.
But I can already say I am very happy with my purchasing. Long live Ixus Canon!

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