15 anni di vita nomade in 106 nazioni. La guida spirituale dei travel blogger marziani


I love traveling. I live traveling.
When I was a child packing and looking for adventures was my favourite game.
At age 17 I travelled alone for a month around Europe.
Now I am well over 40 and I have lived on the road for the last 11 years.
This blog is just for sharing info and photos of the places I have been.

  1. charles sheehan

    Hey Claudio,

    How can I get your blog about Salta in English? Google Translate or do you send it in other languages?

    Charles on Cape Cod

    • Hey Charles, what do you want to know about Salta la linda?
      It’s a great place, not just the city, but also the surroundings (Tilcara, Cachi, Quebrada de Humahuaca).

      And the Torrontes from the Bodegas in Cafayate has nothing to do with any torrontes I drank anywhere else.

      Also Quilmes has nice runies not far from it.

      I tell you even more: the triangle Salta-Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)-San Pedro Atacama in Chile is the region I liked the most in ALL South America


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