Price List of a cheap Restaurant in Hirara, Miyako

I am in Japan since March 12, 2012.
This is a list of some expenses.

Today  change 1€=109 yen (1000yen=9,15€)

Guesthouse Kerama – Naha, Okinawa 1200y a night, then 1000 with a flyer
Sleep in internet cafè (Tokyo) 1450y 10 hours package
Lockers (you can find them in any train-metro station): 3-400y a day

confezione 5 lamette da barba 210yen
bento box 15 pieces ashimi 300 yen
bento box different food x2 500 yen
sliced bread 210yen x 200 grams
beers: least 190 a can
can drinks 100-150 yen
tempura 50-100y a piece

train-metro single journey in Central Tokyo 130-300
Kensei line Narita Airport- Tokyo-Ueno 1000yen
Naha monorail Airport-city center 160yen
Naha monorail day pass 600 yen
Bus Chatan-Ginowan Mashiki (7km) 340y


Starbuck tall frappuccino 490y
5 fingers socks 290y
Tent 120×210 Coleman 2999y
Haircut 800yen