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The cheapest meal in Japan, 安い

This is the cheapest meal you can get buying food at the supermarket in this days in Shimoji, Miyako. The bag of carrot (good at least for 5 portions) cost 100 yen, the soybeans sprouts (good at least for 3 portions) 68 yen, the price for 6 eggs was 153 yen.

So this kind of omelette with 2 eggs, carrots and soybeans sprouts cost me about 25+20+22= 67 yen, which at today’s rate (1€= 106yen) equals 60c or 0,6 Euro.

The taste is fine, despite being cooked by Chef Phony Gustavo. Ok, not bad, not delicious. Surely cheap and healthy. Yasui, 安い

In the picture you can see also vegetables tempura, leftover from my lunch, which they sold just cooked for 264yen about 8 pieces, a very good deal too.


Kurima island, bridge view くりま・じま


Miyako countryside, 田舎

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    il pasto di oggi?


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