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Veliko Tarnovo is a great place indeed

Veliko Tarnovo view from a cafè

Veliko Tarnovo view from a cafè

I don’t know how much this depend of the fact these were finally my first days of freedom after carrying around a fetter (although i miss him as good tavla sparring partner) for a month, but I enjoyed immensely my days in Veliko Tarnovo.

Bulgaria is probably at the moment the cheapest country in Europe and one of the best value for money and this surely help.

Hostel Mostel is one of the best hostels I have ever been, with great staff, beautiful house and fantastic breakfast and light dinner included in the price.

But I think Veliko Tarnovo is great anyway, even if you decide to stay somewhere else and money is not an issue for you.

It’s a University town, so I believe even more enjoyable in June and September than in July August, when it receive his good share of tourist, but still doesn’t feel packed like the beaches on the Black Sea.

It has a lovely old city and a dynamic new part, both full of cafès and restaurants with good cheap food and great views.

If you are lucky to catch the night lights and sound show on the Tsarevets Fortress (it happened to me only on my 4th and last night), you cannot miss it because it’s truly remarkable.

But the real highlight was the 12 hours day trip in which we stop in the Etara Open Air Museum in Gabrovo,

then we rallied on a land rover throught wild hills

Bulgaria rose valley

The wild road through Bulgaria rose valley to Shipka

until arriving to Buzludzha o Budluja, a Space Ship coming from a a Galaxy far far away. A real place out of this world.



I took tons of pictures, but you better look at these ones on flickr

And on the way back we stopped to swim with snakes in Dryanovo Waterfalls and having then a tasty dinner.

Erano aaaanni che non facevo un’escursione così..

snake Bulgaria

Bulgarian snakes bava taste good, but the truth is I had something else for dinner


Foto gallery: San Pietroburgo


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  1. You see thanks to me you re-discovered the real freedom!

  2. Waiting for a “post abuot the cost of life in Bulgaria!

    • I didn’t track all expenses but as example today lunch: 4 eggs panagyursky style, 1 beer, 1 espresso in a hotel restaurant in Ruse for 3€


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