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5 – Magic 2000: working in London and Sydney Olympics

2000 has been a magic year, no doubts one of the three best in my life so far, because not only I moved abroad for the first time, I reached the peak of my career as a sport journalist in one of the best place in the world: Sydney during the Olympic Games.

In early February, answering a job announce where they were looking for freelance to cover week-end games, I have been offered to take part in a start-up in London, leaving immediately. They were the golden times of internet bubble and even if I was enjoying my job at, that was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

3 – England holidays

Lovely Bath

Viva, viva, viva l’Inghiltera, pace, donne amore e libertà. (Claudio Baglioni)

On September 1991, few days before beginning my University, I went to London for ten days. I was hosted by Christian, a friend I made the month before while on holiday in Alassio. Christian was born in England by italian mother and english father. That was the first of many trip I did in Albion’s land: during the day I was visiting the classical touristy places, while at night I was staying home, or I was hanging around with Christian, his brother and their friends.

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